Puppy Love Sanctuary

Puppy Love Sanctuary is a non-profit charity organization that began to counter a silent crisis of abandoned and abused in Southeast Asia is now expanding worldwide.

While Man's Best Friend has a slew of donors, organizations, and celebrities helping all over the world, there is a marked lack of the above when it comes to the South Asian-Indian subcontinent where dogs are not "exotic" enough for being endangered, nor are they sacred (like cows are), nor is saving them there in glamorous or cool.

Some of these pups have being extensively abused and come in to receive shelter Food and Health Care for the first time often in traumatized states.

One of the highest ranking officials of the Indian government, Maneka Gandhi has openly condemned such cruelty against animals as nothing short of "a federal crime".

Meet Brazil!

Brazil, a 10 yr old Yorkie, was left homeless, ready to be sent to the shelter, not knowing what the outcome would be.

He weighs approx 6-7 lbs. He is a very quiet and peaceful dog.

His mom (owner) lost her house as a result of a disability and was forced to live with friends. The friends already had big dogs of their own, where one of them attacked Brazil.

Brazil was traumatized with all the move, changes and dogs attacking him. Poor Brazil was so unhappy.

Brazil is a gentle mannered dog and does not like a chaotic home. PLS started looking for a home for Brazil knowing he needed a quiet and peaceful home to heal.

With the powers of mighty Lord, PLS found him a lovely retired couple that simply adores and pours love to Brazil. Today, Brazil is once again happy in his new home.

You can Help

We urge you to get involved and help us fix this problem because, together we can.

Already, almost 100 dogs (and a fast-growing family) pups of all ages have been saved off the streets around Delhi and are currently housed in a shelter sponsored by fashion design and humanitarian, Sanjana Jon.

The sanctuary already has a full-time staff of over three dozen people plus numerous volunteers but is still in urgent need of much more help including a fully functional clinic, medication and veterinarian equipment, supplies as well as food for our fast growing population of Pups in need.

We already have two veterinarian doctors who are volunteering and living on the premises taking care of the pups and directing the much-needed supplies and equipment upgrade of the building.

Donations & Support

Donations, sponsors, supporters, volunteers:
Contact info@puppylovesanctuary.org
Attn: Vedhant Gurung | U.S. Contact: Ms Sudha Shan

Who We Are

Fashion designer Sanjana ( sanjanajon.org) just received her doctorate in September 2007 and is known for her extensive humanitarian work:

  • the Ms Universe Aids awareness tour,
  • save the girl child (anti-infanticide),
  • civil rights activism,
  • freeing her wrongfully convicted brother Anand Jon ( anandjon.org)

Sanjana is passionate about expanding on Anand's charitable work with actress Michelle Rodriguez for the Nature Sanctuary - saving wild and exotic animals from abuse.

Some others involved are:

  • Actress Michelle Rodriguez
  • Bollywood star Salman Khan
  • Fashion designer Sanjana Jon
  • Fashion designer Anand Jon
  • Actress & Model Elizabeth Kieselstein Cord